Ways In Which Other Animals Helps With Pest Control

Most of the time, pest control is usually associated with the use of chemicals like pesticides or the use of non-chemicals like deterrents and traps. Today, the pest management options that are normally used tend to focus mostly on the inspection, the exclusion and finally the sanitation of the entire area. If there is need, there may be the use of chemicals. However, there are other ways in which pest control can be done that is not usually discussed from time to time. Wondering what this method is? Well, the use of other animals and predators to do all the work. Animals like barn owls and cats tend to prey on pests like rodents while dogs tend to sniff out pests like bugs, termites and bed bugs. On the other hand, birds tend to be insect predators.

Even though these animals may not be able to provide you with the complete kind of pest control that you may be looking for, they are still able to play a major role especially when it comes to making sure that the population numbers are reduced.

Cats can come in handy especially when it comes to dealing with pests like gophers, mice, rats and other similar rodents. For the utilization of such animals and also so as to ensure that these cats are protected from any kind of euthanization, there are a number of different programs that have been put in place so as to encourage the adopting of barn and feral cats.

With the high emergence of bed bugs, dogs that are able to sniff these bugs out have been found to be a very effective tool especially when it comes to reduce their population. What happens is that these dogs are usually taken through a program similar to the one that police dogs undergo. However, here these dogs are going to be taught how to sniff out bugs rather than drugs or bombs. There are also other programs that have been developed so as to train these dogs to also be able to sniff out termites.

These dogs are also been used by many pest control companies especially when it comes to inspections since they have been found to be more accurate and quicker.

Barn owls
This is another animal that is normally used when it comes to the controlling of flying insects and rodents. Nesting boxes are usually used so as to attract these barn owls to areas or rather sites which may need rodent control. As long as these birds do not feel threatened, they are able to tolerate commotion and noise especially because they are mostly attracted to dark cavities and snug.