Water Damage Restoration

Water damage may occur due to many factors in the home and is one of the most common damages that home owners, businesses and property owners have to contend with. This is because water is always being used in the house for many different reasons and other times it is because of the weather elements gaining access into the property. Whatever the case, when water damage occurs, water damage restoration should be done swiftly.

What is Water Damage Restoration?
It is the process carried out to remove the water that has infused into the house, eliminate the source of that water and bring the house back to the state it was in before the damage occurred. This is a meticulous process requiring proper understanding of water damage and where the water in the house could be coming from. Sometimes the source of water damage might not be as obvious as you might think it to be. It is always advisable to let the professionals handle the water damage restoration process for you so you can protect your home from further water damage.

The water Damage Restoration Process
The restoration process is usually different depending on the situation and the company but usually it will follow the following processes;

Inspection and Assessment of Damage – after you have contacted the water damage restoration company they will respond to your call as swiftly as possible because quick action is required in water damage restoration to keep your losses on the minimum. When they arrive they will assess the damage to your house and the cause. If the source of the water is still running it is stopped immediately. They will check the type of water causing the damage so that they can make a plan on how to eliminate it.

Water Removal – after the damage has been assessed then it is time to remove the water. This process entails use of all methods possible to quickly get the water out of the house. It might mandate use of powerful equipment like high pressure vacuums. The water should be removed in the shortest time possible to keep the damage to the house on the minimum. The more the water lingers the worse the damage it causes.

Cleaning and Sanitizing – after all the water has been removed then the area is cleaned thoroughly. Again here powerful equipment might be put in use. After thorough cleaning the area is sanitized using a broad spectrum hospital grade disinfectant to get rid of all the pathogens in the place.

Drying – The area is dried off completely. Leaving moisture in the house can cause growth of mold which is dangerous. Fans and driers are used to accelerate the drying process so mold and other fungi have no time to grow in your house.

Repairs – to completely get the house back to order, repairs have to be done to the parts of the house that were completely damaged. Water seeps into the floor boards, the dry walls and carpets and can cause permanent damage to some of this structures requiring that they are repaired.

For water damage restoration it is best to have the professionals handle it because as you can see the process is an arduous one and requires some expertise.