Top Tips To Reduce Air Conditioning Costs

Air conditioning expenses in the home account to a very high percentage of the energy expenses. With the hard economic times that we are in today it is the dream of every home owner to spend less in running the home. Reducing these expenses can therefore help you reduce much of your energy bills. Here are some of the ways in which you can be able to achieve this.

Increase the shade around your house you should increase the trees or the shrubs around you house to ensure that it is not bare and exposed to the sun. When you have shade preventing direct sunlight from reaching your house you can reduce the rise in temperature in the house and therefore your air conditioning will not have to do so much to maintain the temperature that you want.

Maintain the air conditioning system ensure that the air conditioning system is well maintained. Maintaining the system ensures that there are no leaks or dirt on the air filters blocking the system. if the system is not well maintained and in proper working conditions, the air conditioner has to do more to ensure that the desired temperature is attained and maintained.

Use the AC economically if you want major savings on energy costs down to almost 20% less you need to know how to run the AC economically. When the temperatures inside the house and outside do not have a big difference you do not spend so much. Turning the AC all the way down will cause it to over work and use up so much energy. When you are out of the house and do not need cooling remember to turn the AC up to save on the cooling costs.

Use fans fans help to circulate air in the house providing you with cool air immediately. They give you immediate satisfaction and can help save so much. They do not use so much power as the AC systems do. To enjoy using fans open the windows on the far end of the room where the fan is placed. That will help to circulate air properly in the house helping you cool down.

Avoid heat buildup in the house ensure that you do not have high intensity activities in the house during the day. For instance avoid having high heat emitting electronics running in the house if you can. These include computers, oven and laundry machines. Avoid activities such as baking that will generate so much heat making the house inhabitable. If you can, carry out these activities in the evening when it is much cooler. You could also do them outside the house if possible.