Different Causes Of Water Damage In Your Home

We can agree that water can be one of the most damaging elements to the home when it is left to go where it isnt meant to be. Water seeps into whatever it comes into contact with and it flows freely moving meaning that the damage to the house goes on as long as the water gets in. Water damage restoration needs to be done immediately to avoid causing extensive damage to the house and to ensure that damage doesnt go on long after the water seems to have been cleared away. Here are some of the main causes of water damage in your home that you need to look out for.

Natural disasters and harsh weather

Natural disasters like floods, storms, typhoons and hurricanes can cause excessive water damage to the house. The sheer force of such disasters causes water pipes to break or they blow water that is sitting in pools, rivers, oceans and other sources to the homes. This can cause detrimental water damage because it is possible that the disasters will bring in dirty water to the house. After such a disaster it is imperative that water damage restoration be done by professionals.

Burst or leaking pipes

Leaking pipes can be a menace especially when the leak happens in a place out of sight like the basement or crawlers. Then it means that the water does damage that is not seen until it is too late. Burst water pipes on the other hand can be seen or heard but they can cause quick damage to the house. When seen, burst or leaking pipes should be fixed immediately.

Plumbing problems

Your house plumbing should be done by professionals that you can trust. When plumbing is not done professionally it is possible that you will have problems like loose joints or poor fittings in the house which will eventually bring water damage problems.

Household appliances

There are many household appliances that use water and when such appliances malfunction it is a recipe for disaster. For instance, washing machines are a known nuisance in causing water damage. Other problem causing machines include heaters, dish washers and refrigerators. Old age is another cause of water damage from these machines. As they age their pipes and hoses may rust and eventually break causing damage. Proper maintenance should be done to care for such devices.

HVACs systems

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems are other major causes of water damage. This is because they regulate the moisture content of the house. When moisture builds up in the house it becomes water and causes damage even leading to mold growth.

Gutters direct rain water from the roof to the required place where the water will not cause any damage. When the gutters become clogged with debris and clutter they will not allow proper flow of water. This water then spills over from the gutters as a pool causing damage to the foundation of the house and also the paint job on the wall.

Water damage should be taken care of immediately by eradicating the cause of the damage and carrying out water damage restoration which gets the house back in shape.